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Időjárás előrejelzés


Gondolatok cégünkről

The Beginning

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The company was established on the bases of large production systems. We are a company, focusing on a petite "Holy" plant, which performs its beneficial and unbeneficial work in defiance of the circumstances and sometimes of ourselves, with unchanged number of staffs since its' establishment.



Why Pea?

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It was clearly seen that we had to choose a plant that corresponds to our "proportion", in which the grain, corn or sunflower seed did not fit. Therefore, it was evident that we choose a plant with little but special needs, and results a production of which more people fear than trust. 


How did harvesters got in the picture?

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As a result of a random recognition, there was shown a higher demand from a processing company for harvesting greenpea grew by them in guaranteed schedule and quality, which used to cover their whole capacity.


Do we need special machinery?

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When we started, it was clear that the inventor of pea harvesters was sent out to the fields and wasn't let in until all the peas had been separated from the pod.


Why PMC?

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There are two main manufacturer in Europe, -but as always-, we decided on emotional basis by an english company, then named, FMC. We've been collaborating on correct human and business basis since the beginning.


How climatic change effects on production?

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This plant has short growing season, constantly exposed to weather conditions. In relation to climatic change, it is feared that considering current pace of global warming, the most significant pea growers are Sweden, Norway and Finland.